Skin doesn’t leak

Yesterday I talked about 
Habits and Routines
And shared how I was:
"Going for a walk"!

I framed this in the context
And challenged YOU...
To consider what changes
You might be avoiding...
Or considering to do...

More often than not..
When we do contemplate CHANGE
Or actually decide to CHANGE
We are faced with OPPOSITION

In my case the opposition
Came in the form of RAIN...

After I finished writing
And posting "My Story" of
"Habits and Routines"
I planned to go for a WALK...


It was raining...

So I took my brolly 
Out of my car
And went for a walk...

Mindful of the fact that:
"Skin doesn't LEAK"...

How often do we avoid CHANGE
Because it is uncomfortable...?
Or it's inconvenient...?
Or it's this or that...?

Am I going to go for a walk
Every day...?

Probably NOT

But it is my intention to...
Rain, hail or shine
Summer, autumn, winter, spring

In my Habits and Routines
And requires Discipline
And determination

But just before you feel
Really bad...
Thinking that "I can do this"
But "You can't"...

God has been telling me 
To do this...
For the past couple of YEARS...

And so finally NOW
I am...

Does that make me a
BAD person or
A GOOD person?

That I disobeyed God...?

You think what you like...
I KNOW that God loves me to bits

He is super pleased with me
And delighted that I am 
Doing something...

(You know - just by the way
I am trying to write something
EVERY DAY as well
And we will see how that goes)

Remember WE are NOT perfect

But we believe in someone who IS...
And His name is JESUS

So STOP being so hard on yourself

Live life in the fulness of God
Do your best
Or at least - give it a go

And a final thought for today:
"It's not about how many times 
You fall in life...
Rather it's about how many times
You get back up again"

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