Same seed, different soil

God will NEVER make you
Do anything…

YES – He is ALL powerful
BUT – He has limited Himself
To work with us
And through us…

It is not that He CAN’T
For surely He CAN do ALL things

He chooses NOT to
But rather works alongside
Our FAITH in Him…

“some seed fell by the wayside”
(Mark 4:4)
“Some fell on stony ground”
(Mark 4:5)
“some seed fell among thorns”
(Mark 4:7)
“other seed fell on good ground”
(Mark 4:8)

The “SEED” is the SAME

But there are four different
Types of soil

The intent of the “seed”
Is for our best
And indeed for multiplication

But the “seed” is limited
To the quality and intent
Of the soil…
It mixes with…

This is a picture
Of God working with us

The parables that Jesus taught
Were pictures, illustrations
To help people understand Him

The “seed” is the Word of God

God “spoke” the world
Into being, into existence
Through creation…

Jesus is described as being
The Word becoming flesh
(John 1:14)

So the Word is the seed
The Word and the seed
Are a description of Jesus


So my question is:
“What kind or type of soil
Are YOU?”

“some seed fell by the wayside”
“and the birds of the air came
and devoured it.”
(Mark 4:4)

“Some fell on stony ground”
(Mark 4:5)
“when the sun was up it was scorched,
and because it had no root
it withered away.”
(Mark 4:6)

“some seed fell among thorns”
“and the thorns grew up and choked it,
and it yielded no crop.”
(Mark 4:7)

“other seed fell on good ground”
“and yielded a crop that sprang up,
increased and produced:
some thirtyfold,
some sixty,
and some a hundred.”
(Mark 4:8)

Hopefully you will have noticed
That there is only ONE type of soil
That produces a harvest…

And yet as I try to explain
This parable…
The words of Jesus are ringing
In my ears…

“Do you not understand this parable?
How then will you understand
all the parables?”
(Mark 4:13)

There will ALWAYS be people
Who DO NOT want to understand

I trust that you are NOT
One of them…

So decide to listen to Jesus
Ask Him to reveal these things to you
And surrender to Him…
Letting Him change you
From the inside out…

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