Sabbath was made for man

“And He said to them,
“The Sabbath was made for man,
and not man for the Sabbath.” “
(Mark 2:27)

I suggest you read that again
And again…

And then just to be sure…
Read it once more…

“The Sabbath was MADE for man”
Not the other way around

Now this is going to be funny
Me, the Mathematician,
Telling you how the English
Language is constructed

Anyway, for me
(And I believe for God)
The important word in this
Sentence is “MAN”

God MADE you and me
In His image

He did NOT make
The Sabbath in His image

And yet how many people…?
And seemingly GOOD people
Make the Sabbath more
Important than MAN…
Or people, men and women..?

If you are still reading this…
Then let me share with you
What the Sabbath is really about

It is GOOD for MAN to REST

It is good for man to REST
To take some “down time”
To take time OFF

Ultimately, YES, time with God

But strangely, you will find
If you take time OFF
You will find yourself
Seeking God

Remember, as I said above
We are made in His image

And as such, it is almost like
He has put a “transmitter”
Inside of us…
That when we REST
We are naturally drawn to Him

NOW before you start saying
That this is NOT true
Think about it for a moment…

How often do you actually REST?
How often do you STOP…
And do nothing?

Is the TV OFF?
Are you in a place of quiet?
With no external noise…?
No radio blaring
In the background…?

If you think about it…
Most people…
Hardly EVER…
Get into a place where
They are quiet…


Because when they start
To think…
They look inward…
And they begin to hear
The still small voice
Of God…

How well the Psalmist
Puts it…,
“Be still and know that I am God”
(Psalm 46:10)

So Sabbath is all about REST…
REST for man…
Time to be at peace…
Time to think…,
Time to be at REST with God
More aware of God
When it is quiet
And we are still
We REST in His presence

God gave us the Sabbath
Because we NEED to be restful
To take time out from working,
Away from the noise of
Everyday working life

To be with Him…

If we are born again
Then He is WITH us already

I say this as I can hear
Some people saying
“It is good to seek God”

Jesus said that He would
Never leave us nor forsake us

And as such is ALWAYS with us

So when you have a Sabbath,
And truly REST…
You will enjoy His presence
To the FULL

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