Rise like an eagle

There are many beautiful things that we can see in the world all around us
One of the amazing and breathtaking sights
Is the picture of an eagle soaring high in the sky – effortlessly

There’s a story I remember about an eagle at Mount Sinai
The eagle climbs to a certain height, when in flight
And spreads its wings to catch the thermals of the air
And LOCKS its wings, trusting the air
Almost, as it were, in total abondonment to where ever the air will take it

As it glides and soars, at Mount Sinai
The eagle rises to a height, where its wings freeze
But the eagle TRUSTS the air, the wind, the force that lifts it
And keeps its wings locked

Over the top of Mount Sinai it soars
Until it starts to fall on the other side of the mountain
And, of course, the ice melts
But the eagle continues to keep its wings locked
Until the journey is complete

This picture of the eagle is epitomised in Isaiah 40:30 – 31
We are compared to the eagle
Even encouraged to be like the eagle
For the phrase, that so often can be missed, in this passage is:
“But those who wait on the Lord”
(Isaiah 40:31)

Fly like the eagle – YES
But do so by waiting on the Lord
The eagle cannot simply soar because it is an eagle
But it can soar because it TRUSTS the air it floats on

In a similar way, God will take us where ever He wants
When we TRUST Him – completely
Unafraid of the cold – because we TRUST Him
No turning back
Not aware of the comforts of home – for we ARE heaven bound

My God is able and faithful, reliable, trustworthy
For He is love
And I will REST in Him

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