Rest, Selah – Pause, Rest


Cease from doing things

(Which you can find 
In the book of Psalms)
Means to PAUSE

King David would pause
At various times
As he wrote the Psalms

When he paused
He would listen to God
Attune his hearing

Most people in 2022
Do not find it easy
Or to REST...

The Bible tells us
That Jesus has entered
Into His REST
Seated at the right hand
Of His Father
In heaven

He is at REST
Because He has
All that He came to do

When we REST
We REST in Jesus
Trusting that He 
HAS done it ALL...


Many struggle with
What I have just said

And yet it is the TRUTH

Take time to PAUSE
And Listen to God

Take time and REST
In Jesus...

Not necessarily 
DOING Nothing
But resting in the fact
That everything has been 
Done by Jesus
That needs to be done...

REST in Him...

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