Remember compassion…?

The meaning of compassion is to
Recognize the suffering of others
And then take action to help.

How often do we think spiritually?

Or, how long does it take us
To switch from working and
Thinking in the natural
To thinking in the spiritual?

Do we spend our lives “naturally”
Until something happens that
Requires us to come up with a
Supernatural answer?

“Now Jesus called His disciples to
Himself and said,
“I have compassion on the multitude,
because they have now continued
with Me three days and have nothing
to eat.
And I do not want to send them
away hungry,
lest they faint on the way.””
(Matthew 15:32)

Jesus SAW their suffering due
To lack of food.

The multitude had been following Him
For three days.
They probably had brought food with them
But more likely just enough for a day
And now were hungry

Jesus purposed in His heart to take action
And FEED them

“Jesus said to them,
“How many loaves do you have?”
And they said,
“Seven, and a few little fish.””
(Matthew 15:34)

How often do we look in the “natural”
For a solution to our problem?

Jesus gave thanks for what He had
Knowing that supernaturally there
Would be more than enough

“So they all ate and were filled,
and they took up seven large baskets
full of the fragments that were left.”
(Matthew 15:37)

“Now those who ate were four thousand men,
besides women and children.”
(Matthew 15:38)

We too need to determine to react
Like Jesus and give thanks for what we have
Believing that God has given us more
Than enough

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