Read carefully…and then read again

Matthew 23

Read this chapter…
Take your time in reading it

And when you have finished
Reading it…
Read it again

Jesus does NOT hold back
In His condemnation of the
Scribes and Pharisees

Hypocrites is what He calls them
Among other things

When you read this passage…
Think of yourself…
And how you fit in with
What Jesus is criticising them for

Are you guilty of anything that
Jesus is saying…?
Do you look for praise from others?
Do you expect things of others
That you have no intention of
Doing yourself…?

Everything that Jesus was accusing
Them of was the truth
And it is still truthful today

It is amazing that He was not stopped
In what He was saying
And yet…in a way…
He was eventually stopped
By means of crucifixion

Not everyone is willing to either
Hear the truth or face the truth

So as I said above
Go and read Matthew 23 again

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