Quiet time

When I first became a Christian
I was told that I should have a “Quiet time”
This terrified me for a long time
Mainly because nobody actually explained what it was

It was almost as if “I should know”
It was something that everybody had

But then, I now know, this too is part of discipleship
Explaining what things are…
Explaining how and why we do things…

One of the greatest things I have come to realise
Is that Christianity is about
Father (Daddy), Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit (Friend, helper)

It is NOT about LAW
“You MUST do this and this and…”

So a “Quiet time” is NOT something you MUST have
Rather, it is something you CAN have

The Holy Spirit has led me to spend time with Him
This happens, for me, in the morning
Today I went out at just after 5:00am
For a walk…
As I have mentioned in a previous post
The purpose is to “Seek Him first”
And spend time with Him
The by-product is “getting out”
 And losing weight

As I have been walking
I pray in tongues
I stop and take photographs
I watch the birds
I am amazed at all the different tones of “green”
I am starting to see things – I never saw before
And WE (God and I) talk
We “hang out” together

This is MY “Quiet time”

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