Put Up or Shut Up

I find myself starting this Devotional
With an explanation

Some people may say:
“You can’t say “Shut Up”
It’s NOT nice
It’s NOT polite

Say something like:
Be quiet
Please don’t speak
Be silent please

For me it rhymes…
And it is what I got
So “Put Up or Shut Up” it is

So why have I started like this?
With a Title and an explanation…?

To start with
I seem to be waking recently
Around 4 (Four)

Yesterday it was 3:55am
The day before it was 4:44am
This morning – 4:55am

And, to be honest, I laughed
And then said:
“Speak Lord, for Your son is listening”

Also, I was conscious that I
Was in the middle of a dream
And still “dreaming” it
While I woke up

Which is what has led me to this title:
“Put Up or Shut Up”

You see, in the dream
I had a caller to my front door
Who was looking for support,
Financial and practical,
For a charitable organisation

As I was talking to the person
I remembered that God had used me
To bring this organisation to Fermanagh

A number of years ago
Some christian leaders
(Me included)
Had met together in “The Stables”
In Enniskillen
To talk about
An aspect of our ministry

This organisation (the one in my dream)
Was mentioned
But there was a problem with finance

It had been suggested that
The members of this organisation
Should work on a Voluntary basis
To see if there was any “interest”
In the area

Now I suppose this is where
My Title comes in to play
Because I have always been
A sort of “Put Up or Shut Up”
Kind of person

God never intended for
Anything to be paid for
By ONE person

He requires us to LIVE by FAITH
Which can, at times, equate to MANY people

In this instance I suggested a £100 support
And a number of leaders there
Followed suit

This small amount of financial support
Did NOT pay the salary of a worker
BUT it was a start

And this organisation
(That I was dreaming about)
Has been active in Fermanagh
Ever since

But this then is where my dream changes

I did not “feel” convinced
To continue my support
Of the organisation


God does NOT want us to do something

When we “Stay There”
We come to rely on the “something”
Rather than relying on GOD

He wants us to continue to move
Continue to CHANGE
Staying dependent on Him
Living by faith
Not by sight

Which is WHY I am at my computer
At 5:50am working on this piece
Since He is talking to me
And through me

Now there seems to be more explanation
With this Devotional
Than there is content

But I WILL post it
For I have learned to trust Him
And am prepared to “Look Stupid”
For Jesus

In a way:
Put My Money Where My Mouth Is
Put Up or Shut Up

Whoever this is for…
DO whatever it is that God is saying to you
STOP holding back
OR being afraid

He is with you and for you
He loves you
And ONLY has the best for you

And He NEEDS you
So that through you
He can REACH others

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