Phrases and Phases

Many of us have Biblical Phrases
That mean a lot to us

They may be verses or parts of a verse
Sometimes they could be a number of verses
Or even a Biblical Theme

We all go through different Phases in our lives
In the natural we are born and start as babies
That hopefully grow up through childhood
Into adolescence and adulthood

Our spiritual lives are no different
As new Christians we start as babes in Christ
Who renew our minds and with His help
Mature into young men and women
And eventually into fathers and mothers
Of the faith
(1 John 2:12 – 14)

Jesus spoke to the first disciples
And said: “Come, follow Me”

Three words…

The first word, “Come”
Is an invitation
And in particular
An invitation to come to Jesus

The second two words, “follow Me”
Are an instruction which is specific and personal
“follow” – come after, walk along with
“Me” – Jesus, Immanuel, the Messiah, God in the flesh

And yet at the time
They were not fully aware
Of who Jesus was…

He dressed like a Rabbi
And He was speaking to “them”
Mere, humble fishermen
People who would NEVER normally
Be concerned as worthy enough
To be the “disciples” of a Rabbi

For “followers” of a Rabbi
Were known as “disciples”

We, however, know more fully who Jesus was and is
And He is still calling:
“Come, follow Me”

Will you “Come” to Jesus?
Will you “follow” Him?
Will you come to and follow the Creator
Almighty God who loves you
And accepts you as you are…

Will you follow Him to where ever He leads you?

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