Phrases and Phases continued…

Matthew 14:22 – 33
This is the story of Jesus walking on the water
And how Peter gets out of the boat
And joins Jesus, walking on the water

Around 25 to 30 years ago
I received a prophecy…
The same prophecy from five different people
Over an 18 month period of time

“Get out of the boat Alan
And walk on the water”

Recently, over the last couple of years
I have been listening to the same song
Oceans (Where feet may fail)
By Hillsong

Both the prophecy and the Song
Are talking along a similar theme
Trust and Faith

My life and walk with Jesus
Has gone through various Phases
From stumbling along
To walking close beside Him

And yet still aware that walking on water
Is NOT a natural thing to do

I SEE myself doing it
But it only makes me more aware of Him
And my need for Him
And dependance upon Him

The water for me, obviously is not literal
But has grown in two areas of my life
And walk with Him

Firstly, in the realm of writing
Like this piece I am in the middle of
Something I could never
Have seen myself doing
And daring to go public with it

Sharing it through WhatsApp
Mindful that once shared
It could be forwarded on to others

Then to create a Website
And post my writing on there
Going “Global”
Available for anyone to see

Secondly, in my preaching
Which is shared too through
WhatsApp and the Web

My preaching has changed
Like stepping out onto the water
Nothing to hold on to
All security gone
If this doesn’t work
I WILL get wet
I may drown…

You see, for me
The preparation time
Has been my life
Now Ordained for 32 years
I just get up and preach

Now do not mistake this for “boasting”
For I would love to have notes or bullet points
Something to “hold on to”
Something to keep me “secure”

But when you get out of the boat
And step onto the water
There is NOTHING to “hold on to”
And NOTHING to make you feel “secure”

And I believe and know
That He speaks through me
“For I am His and He is mine”
(Oceans (Where feet may fail))

So what Phrase has He given you…?
Or that could be Phrases…
And how has it impacted on your life…?

Are you just starting as a child
With child-like faith…?
Are you going through adolescence
As a young man or woman
In the lord…?

Or have you matured
Discipling people
A father or mother figure
An example to others
Caring for those young in the faith

The answers you come up with
Will be different for everyone

Some of you may identify with my picture
Of “stepping out onto the water”
But don’t feel that I am saying you MUST
For this is just My Story…

But DO feel encouraged
As well as challenged
God has so much more for you
NOW, in this life
As well as in the next

If you are a young Christian, reading this
Do not feel pressured to act on your Phrase

As I said, above, my experience
Has been over 32 years of ministry
And I have been consciously
Walking with the Lord
For at least 40 years now

The Christian life is NOT a sprint
But rather it is a marathon

And I do not believe that I have exhausted
What God wants to do through me
As regards “getting out of the boat”

Each day is a NEW day
Brand NEW for I am a NEW creation
(2 Corinthians 5:17)
And He is doing a NEW thing in me
Today and every day

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