Over the top

Sometimes the reactions of people
Can be described as being:
“Over the top”

More than is needed…

As Christians we are peacemakers
Using our words and our actions
To make a difference
To show the love of God
To all people

“And while He was still speaking,
behold, Judas, one of the twelve,
with a great multitude
with swords and clubs,
came from the chief priests
and elders of the people.”
(Matthew 26:47)

Judas came to betray Jesus

What stands out for me
In this verse is that they came:
“with swords and clubs”
To have Jesus arrested

What did they expect to find?
Perhaps it was because there
Would be twelve people…
Jesus and the other eleven…

They also came expecting…
A fight…
“And suddenly,
one of those who were with Jesus
stretched out his hand
and drew his sword”
(Matthew 26:51)

So perhaps “swords and clubs”
Should not be so surprising…

He “drew his sword”
He had a sword
And he drew it

This is a side of those days
That we may be unfamiliar with

Why did they have swords
In the first place?

What was the need for swords?
(Luke 22:35 – 38 gives us some
Insight into the reason for this)

So maybe the multitudes
That came with Judas
Were not going “Over the top”
But rather were being prepared

The lesson for us, in all of this
Is that we need to be aware
Of how people may come against us

They may not always come with words
But sometimes with force…

Jesus’ instruction to the Disciples
In Luke 22 was to be prepared
And yet here in Matthew 26
He rebuked His Disciple
For using the sword

Be prepared…
But also be wise…
Be wise as serpents…
And harmless as doves…
(Matthew 10:16)

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