Out of this World

“Out of this world”
That’s a phrase we use
When talking about something
That is “amazing”
That “takes your breath away”
That is difficult to imagine
Or to picture…

Revelation 4:1 – 11
Is John attempting to describe
In words known to man
(In the 1st century)
What he is looking at
In the spirit

Even when the Bible says:
“In the spirit”
It can mean different things

An “out of body” experience
A dream
A vision…
A “picture” in the “mind’s eye”

So as you read Revelation 4
Allow your imagination
To “take you there”
To the place that John is describing

Let the Holy Spirit
Guide your thoughts
Imagine the wonders
Of what John is describing
About Heaven…
And in particular
The Throne room of Heaven

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