Our Response to COVID-19

I have mentioned using mobile phones
To record services and messages
For posting on the internet

Sadly, so often our response to things
Is first in the natural
Then in the spiritual

We need to be people who learn
To react and respond in the spiritual, FIRST

Look at things God’s way, FIRST
What is the Bible’s answer to this or my problem, FIRST

And so REST in the answer He gives you
“God will keep you in perfect PEACE
When your mind is stayed on Him”
(Isaiah 26:3)

Too many people are focused on the News
And can’t get enough information about the virus

Watch the News, YES
But just for the Headlines
Don’t delve in to find out every detail
Not ALL News is true
Much of it is FALSE

Rather…”Seek first the kingdom of God…”
(Matthew 6:33)
Draw close to God, in and through the Bible
Turn your eyes upon Jesus…
What a friend we have in Jesus…
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer

This is our CHOICE
Choose life
Choose God
Choose Jesus and the Bible

I phoned someone the other day
To ask how they were doing
Their answer was:
“Rector, I am doing what you told me to do
I am reading my Bible three times a day.”

And my response was:
“That is very good medicine
Keep taking it”

What will you choose to do today?

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