Opinions and Agendas

Everyone today seems to have an opinion
Not that they never did before
But they feel the need…
And the right…
To SHARE them…
Regardless of the consequences!

This is NOT God’s Way
This is not the Way of the Christian
As it is not the Way of Jesus

Jesus only ever spoke the Truth
Often ignoring things said by others
To speak Perfection with His Words…
Of Truth…

“His disciples said to Him,
“If such is the case of the man with his wife,
it is better not to marry.”
But He said to them… “
(Matthew 19:10 – 11)

Jesus spoke and taught about Marriage
The Way that it was meant to be…
From the beginning

Divorce only became an option…
After the Fall of man

But so many people have their own
Opinions and Agendas about how
Things should be

As Christians we are called to be…

To speak His opinion which is Truth
To follow His Agenda which is kingdom Life
To walk in Truth by the Way in the Life

By ourselves we CANNOT do this
In our own strength we will fail

But praise God we are NOT by ourselves
As He LIVES in us and our spirit has been
Made identical to Jesus

“As He is, so are we in this world”
(1 John 4:17)

So we too can speak Truth
As it says in the Bible
We have His Words

We too can let His love shine
Through us and in us by His Holy Spirit

And we can walk in Love
As He walks with us
Never leaving nor forsaking us

Choose to share Love and Truth
His Love and His Truth
It is the ONLY opinion and agenda that matters

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