Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

The lyrics of this song have had a huge impact on me this year
The Holy Spirit has taken the words to reshape my life and direction with Him
In many ways, I have been meditating on these words – as I listen to the song

This morning the two lines:
“When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine”
Have been especially impacting me

It doesn’t matter what life throws at us
We are secure in Him

I went down to Kilmore Quay, just after 5:00am
The waters were rolling with a constant ripple
Not a choppy effect but not flat calm either
A wee bit in between

Then I drove round to the Share Centre
About 5:15am and found a totally different scene
Absolutely flat calm
Not even a ripple

And the Lord impressed on my heart
That when “oceans rise – my soul will rest in Your embrace”
It doesn’t matter whether or not there is a storm or it is calm
He IS the same yesterday, today and forever
He CAN be relied upon

Because “I am HIS and He is MINE”

He is always with us
He never leaves us
Christian and non-Christian alike
But I HAVE chosen to embrace Him
I have decided to TRUST Him
He is God, my Lord and my Saviour

So you choose
You decide
He is calling you, as He calls and speaks to everyone
But are you one of those who listen?
Or are you too busy…
Working for yourself…
Or even working for Him… (but not with Him)

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