Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Part 2

There is a worship song that
Just stirs me
Lifts me – to a higher place
Even the music at the beginning
Before the lyrics even are sung…
And I am lost in Him

My background includes singing
In four part harmony church choirs

I started as a boy soprano
In the Cathedral Choir in Armagh
And progressed to singing 1st Tenor
As I got older

Perhaps this formal singing
Is what caused the problem
For me and worship

Worshipping freely is not something
I find easy or even like

But Hillsong music changed that, in me
There is a spiritual difference
In their praise and worship
Which goes beyond – singing

It’s almost as if God is IN the music

And so as I worship and sing
It is not so much as TO Him
But rather it is WITH Him
And I get lost in Him…

Then the words of this particular song
Have special meaning for me

In the early to mid 1990’s
I received a prophecy
That spoke about
“Getting out of the boat
And into the water”

Now most of us are like the rest of us
And, in this regard, I am no different

I received this prophecy FIVE times
Over an eighteen (year and a half) month
Period of time

By the fourth or fifth time
I knew what was coming
When someone asked to pray for me…
Or said that they felt that God
Had given them something to say to me…

You may say I was a bit slow on the uptake
But stepping into the unknown
Was unfamiliar territory for me
(As indeed it is for most of us)

But step – I did
Or maybe even – Jumped!
Gave up my home, my job,
My security, my pension,
And stepped into NOTHING…

And now over twenty years later
I come across a piece of worship music
By Hillsong United
And I am reminded of those words of prophecy

Still fresh in my heart
I think on them most days
And walk in obedience with Him
Day by day
Where ever He leads me
And wants me to go – with Him
Because He loves me

And I go with Him
For I love Him too
And have learned
And continue to learn
To trust Him…

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