Today is the first day that I started
Doing something that I believe
God has instructed me to do

I will explain this further, at a later date,
But will give you some idea by way
Of another example of something
That I have already completed

But first, this Devotional is entitled:

“Obeying” someone or anyone
Is not something that comes
Naturally to us.

We WANT to do our “Own thing”
We want to remain independent
Masters of our own destiny
So to speak

However, when we meet God…
When we get to know Jesus as a person…
When we live in and walk by the Holy Spirit
We learn to TRUST God

And yet this is so alien to us
Sometimes difficult for many

Some, because of past experiences
And so we see God in a similar light
To how we saw those over us

That could be parents or Teachers
People who were in authority over us
People whom we HAD to obey

How many of us struggled with:
Clean your room
Make your bed
Wash and / or dry the dishes
The list goes on…

Some did – and obeyed
Others rebelled

And NOW God
Wants us to OBEY Him
And it does not come naturally to us

So let me explain what God
Prompted me to do
And which I did on 7th March
This year – 2020

“Every place that the sole of your foot
will tread upon I have given you,
as I said to Moses. “
(Joshua 1:3)

Today we have cars
And so we can travel further
Than we could on foot

In the Bible the “anointing”
Is associated with oil
Sometimes olive oil

“Asher is most blessed of sons;
Let him be favoured by his brothers,
And let him dip his foot in oil.
Your sandals shall be iron and bronze;
As your days, so shall your strength be.
(Deuteronomy 33:24 – 25)

So I felt led by God to anoint (or to dip / sprinkle)
The tyres of my car with oil
And drive around my parish

I did so and completed a circuit
Of about 100 miles
Forming an enclosed space
Which included the homes
Of most of those who attend my church


It didn’t really make sense to me
But I was obedient
I chose to Trust Him
I chose to believe that I was hearing Him

And then within two weeks of that day
Lockdown came into force
And I sensed that God wanted to protect
All that He had given into my care

And now God is leading me to a new thing
Which, as I have said above, started today

As you read this…
Don’t do what I have done
Unless God tells you to do the same thing

This is NOT a formula of how to
Make God work for you

And yet it is a formula
In that you should DO whatever
God tells you to do

You will only know this
As you walk with Him
Day by day in your life

But be of good cheer
And be encouraged
You CAN hear from God
In fact, you DO hear from God

But are you obeying
What He has been
Telling you to do?

Only you can answer this
Only you will truly know

But do not be afraid
You do not have to KNOW everything
You may not understand everything
I didn’t…

But choose to OBEY

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