Now this is the testimony of John…

"Now this is the testimony of John"
(John 1:19)

How often have you heard
A testimony given by someone?

People go to meetings
To "hear" a testimony...

To "hear" the gory details...
Of a godless past...

And THEN...

They meet Jesus 
And get SAVED...

The END!

And yet...
John's testimony 
Is nothing like that...

"He said: 
“I am
‘The voice of one crying 
in the wilderness:
“Make straight the way of the Lord,” ’
as the prophet Isaiah said.” "
(John 1:23)

John was quoting from Isaiah 40:3

His testimony was from the Bible

John the Baptist 
Knew what he was called for...
To prepare the way for the Lord

Each of us has a testimony
And I am not saying that
We do not have a PAST
For we do...

But our testimony should be...
About what Jesus has done for us
About what the Holy Spirit 
Is doing in and through us...

Our testimony should 
Magnify Jesus
And give GLORY to Him

It's about where we are NOW
It's about the difference He makes
In and through our lives - TODAY!

Salvation is not simply
About a Day and a Date
(As wonderful as that is...)

But it is about...
A continuous
Between us and 
Almighty God

Isn't it...?

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