My Story continued…

I didn’t want a Website
Why would I
Who would want to go to all that bother

And then when I did
After about 5 to 6 months
I got bored with it
Couldn’t see why I had done it in the first place
Scoffed at the thought
That I had convinced myself
That it was God…

I was waiting for June 2020
To be able to terminate my Contract
And end this “silly episode” of my life”
Who did I think I was
“That anyone could benefit from my writings
My sermons..
My “attempt” at constructing a Website

And then…
Coronavirus STRUCK!

And last Saturday, 21st March 2020
God woke me up around 11:00pm
And started to talk to me about my Website
To assure me that it was His idea
That there was a reason for it

The Website WAS as it is now
Available online to whoever managed to find it

I had used some little information for search engines
Things that I had learned while constructing the site
(I say this as the three comments, on the site, are NOT from people I told)

The hard work had been done
I needed something for my church family
For the parish of Holy Trinity Church, Lisnaskea
Some of whom wanted an answer to the problem at hand

And the answer did not come in video
Or on Facebook
Or through the usual social media channels
Rather it was personal
From me
Really and truly – from Him
God Almighty loves them
He loves you and me

And so the Website is there
A constant source of thoughts and musings
Some nice pictures of God’s creation
Sermons preached since August 2019
To be added to
As the days and weeks go by
Both writings and sermons alike

Drawing us all to focus on Him
Our Creator, Redeemer and Judge
COVID-19 will come and go
It will pass
Other things may follow
But in the midst of everything
He is the SAME
He is GOD

We can focus on the problem
Get fearful and full of worry
We can focus on the solution
And He is LOVE
He is FULL of JOY
He is GOOD
He is GOD

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