Matthew 8:28 – 9:1

I really only want to consider
Verse 1 of chapter 9 today
As it really “jumped” out at me
As I read it

And even more than that
ONE word “jumped” out at me

I’ve talked about this a lot
And perhaps this will be the
Time that helps to clear up
Something in the way that
God wants to speak to us

For no apparent reason
We can read something
Time and time again
And then…

We see something we NEVER saw before

But first, let me set the scene…

At the end of Matthew 8
We read about two demon possessed men
Who were miraculously delivered by Jesus

The demons were sent into the swine
Which immediately drowned in the sea

“And behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus.
And when they saw Him,
they begged Him to depart from their region.”
(Matthew 8:34)

Now there is good reason for the people
Acting in this way.

The swine were their livelihood
And Jesus had just aided in ending
Their business

Now we know (and they knew)
That Jesus had delivered
The two demon possessed men
“But this is  business”

Funny isn’t it…
How easily we can get side tracked…
How we can ONLY see one thing…

And take our eyes OFF
The real picture…
The truely important things…

Jesus was (and is) not simply a man
He was (and is) the Son of God

And even if they were not aware of this
They knew and saw something miraculous
Happen in front of their eyes

And yet…
They chose to see…
Their dead swine…

And so we come to what “jumped” out at me:

“So He got into a boat, crossed over,
and came to His own city.”
(Matthew 9:1)

The word that “jumped” out at me
Was the first word – “SO”

Jesus wasn’t wanted
“So” He left

Jesus WILL NOT make you do anything
And Jesus WILL NOT remain with you
If you do not want Him

This is really important
As some people think:
“Don’t worry – Jesus will ALWAYS be with you”

He will – YES
If you are walking with Him
Mindful of Him
Consciously wanting Him in your life

But if you DON’T want Him in your life
Then He WILL leave…

How terrible a position that would be!
And yet we need to realise
That there are MANY people in this position

Fortunately – He will come to whoever calls
Or whoever comes to Him

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