Matthew 11:1 – 19

Have you ever taken time to
Think about or consider
John the Baptist?

Of course you have…
He jumped in his mother’s womb
When Mary went to Elizabeth
To tell her about meeting
With the angel
(Christmas story)

And you know about
How he lived in the desert
And ate wild honey
And wore clothes of camel’s hair

Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist

Sure everyone knows THAT

But besides the stories…
Have you ever stopped
To think about John?

Called from before his birth
For a purpose…
To Prepare The Way for Jesus

And having done that…
Now what?

But before you can even think
About that…
John is thrown into prison
Because someone didn’t like
What John was talking about

YES – John was this great man
And YES – he baptised Jesus
But before that he was preaching
(Just like Jesus did)

And as a result he ended up in prison

So now John begins to wonder…
Is Jesus The One?
(Matthew 11:2 – 3)

Could he have missed it?
Had he got it wrong?

Now we know that he got it right
But hopefully by now
You are starting to think a bit more
About John the Baptist

John’s Disciples came back to him
After going to Jesus and asking the question
And have assured John that Jesus
Is The One

But John is still in prison…
His future is uncertain…
And as a consequence of his actions
(Righteous actions)
He literally loses his head…

Let me ask you a question?
How well is your life going for Jesus?

Is He Lord of all?
In your life?
Is what He desires…
The most important thing for you?

Have you counted the cost?
Of what it means to be a
Disciple of His?

John the Baptist died as a result
Of preaching about repentance
In a way, so did Jesus
As did many of the Apostles

Maybe you should look at
John the Baptist a bit closer…

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