Matthew 10

In Chapter 10 Matthew lists the twelve
Apostles of Jesus

Now verse 1 refers to them as “Disciples”
But verse 2 as “Apostles”

Generally speaking a Disciple is one who FOLLOWS
Whereas an Apostle is one who is SENT

All Apostles are Disciples
But not all Disciples are Apostles

The “twelve” were SENT on a mission by Jesus
As recorded here in Matthew 10

And Jesus is very specific
In where they should go
And to whom they should speak to

But He also gives them a warning
About how they may be received
And how they should act
Towards the people that they meet

We would do well to read this chapter
In light of what the twelve were being
SENT to do

And as we read
Think on how people respond to us, today
And more importantly
How we react to and with them

The world that we live in today
Is vastly different from the one that
These twelve Apostles shared
The Gospel with

However, the reactions and actions of
People today are not really all that different

We would be well advised to be
As “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”
(Matthew 10:16)

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