Listen to what He says…

“Then Jesus said to them,
“All of you will be made to
stumble because of Me
this night”
(Matthew 26:31)

We are often guilty of treating
Individual Disciples BADLY…

“Doubting Thomas”
“Peter denies Jesus 3 times”

And yet more often than not
ALL the Disciples failed Jesus
In similar ways…

Here in Matthew 26 we are
Told about Jesus saying that
Peter would deny Him three
Times before the rooster
Would crow..

And yet in verse 31 Jesus
Said that ALL the Disciples
Would deny Him…

“Peter said to Him,
“Even if I have to die with You,
I will not deny You!”
And so said all the disciples.”
(Matthew 26:35)

Peter vehemently denied that
He would betray Jesus
Even after having being told
In such specific detail how
Exactly it would happen

And yet notice what is recorded
By Matthew in verse 35…
ALL the Disciples said the same thing
NOT only Peter…

Jesus said that they ALL would
Betray Him…
And they ALL said that they would not

And yet…
They all DID…
Betray Him


They didn’t “listen” to what He said…

Jesus ALWAYS spoke the truth
And whatever Jesus said…
Came to pass

They had been with Him
Watched Him…
Listened to Him…
Even worked alongside Him

And everything He said and did
Came to pass…

And YET they doubted
What He said about them…
Would come to pass

We need to beware that we
Do NOT get too sure of ourselves

Always, in all things
Keep our eyes and our ears
Our very hearts SET on Him

Jesus is the ONLY…
Sure and certain thing that
Can be relied upon

His very being…
The Word that He is…
All that the Bible says about Him

To what Jesus has to say to you

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