Let God’s Peace Lead You

The Lord can bless a wrong decision
Made in faith from a pure heart,
More than He can bless indecision
(Rom. 14:23)

How often do we wait…

How do we live our lives?
By faith…?
Or, by making sure that everything is in place?

That last line makes perfect sense
But if we wait until WE have
Everything in place…
Then, we don’t need God!

Let that sink in, for a moment…

Do I claim to be a man or woman of faith?
And yet I like to be in control of my life

I choose where I go…
When I go…
And, how I go…

And until all is right…
I GO nowhere!

Now, most of us, may be like that
And before you panic
And think that you are a lost cause


And think

Calm yourself
Take a deep breath

There IS value in planning…
It is wise and responsible
To have things in place

But in everything
There comes a time to “step out”
To take action

Trusting that God is with you…
That He will lead you and guide you

And with that thought
There WILL be a sense of PEACE

Not perhaps “perfect” peace
But a “feeling” that He is with you
A “sense” that even in the midst of
Your organising and planning
You were trusting and relying on Him

And THAT is you
Letting God’s PEACE lead you

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