Journey of life

You know...
We all, each of us
Are on a journey
In life...

When we find Jesus...
Or maybe I should say...
When we respond to His calling...
His leading...
His still small voice...

Things become different

We are still on a journey
But the journey now
Has a greater purpose
Since He is the centre
Of everything...

For me, 
I never actually left School
I have always been learning
I have always been seeking
Never been one to settle

Always looking for something "more"
And not simply just FOR ME...

But with the purpose 
Of HELPING others...

I believe that God
Has given us ALL
Something which is special
For us as individuals

(I am not talking about Salvation
Which IS special
And is the SAME gift for everyone
Who will believe and receive it)

No, rather, I am talking
About an individual GIFT
Be it an ability
Or a speciality
Which is peculiar to us...

But this GIFT that He gives us
Is NEVER meant simply
For us, to ONLY bless us

But is MEANT to be SHARED
To be USED to bless others

And if we don't LOOK FOR
This GIFT, as to what it is
Then people will LOSE out
Ourselves included...

And the Good News is
That if, as you read this
You think that you have
Due to your AGE...
Or some other reason...

I want to assure you
That you HAVE NOT missed it

The FACT that you are reading this
Is PROOF enough...
That God still wants you
To use your GIFT...
And bless others...
And be blessed yourself
In the process...

While you still have breath
There is a reason
A purpose
For you being here...

None of us are here 
By accident

If you haven't yet found Jesus
Find Him first...

Believe in Him
And receive from Him
The Salvation 
That ONLY He can give...

THEN find out what that GIFT is
And use it
Grow in it
And bless others
For Jesus Christ's sake

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