John 14 verses 7 to 8

“If you had known Me,
you would have known My Father also;
and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.”
Philip said to Him,
“Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.”
(John 14:7 – 8)

Jesus told the Disciples that
If they had KNOWN Jesus
They would have KNOWN
The Father also

And Philip said what he said…

We can have knowledge of someone
But NOT actually KNOW them

We have knowledge that they exist
We have seen them
Or perhaps heard about them
In the News or in Social Media

But until we enter into a close,
Personal, intimate relationship
With them – we do NOT KNOW them…!

And perhaps as “strange” as that may sound
That is exactly how God wants us to KNOW Him
On that level of LOVE

In the Greek, the God kind of LOVE is
The word “Agape”
“Eros” love is lust and sexual
So to be close, personal and intimate
Is pure godly LOVE – Agape

So do you KNOW God…?
Do you KNOW the Father…?
Do you KNOW Jesus…?
Do you KNOW the Holy Spirit…?

If you are truly born again,
And if you don’t KNOW Him…
I’ve just given you the solution

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