John 14 verse 29

“And now I have told you before it comes,
that when it does come to pass,
you may believe.”
(John 14:29)

What is the “it” that Jesus is referring to?

The chapter of John 14
Is about Jesus leaving
To go and prepare a place
And then return to take
The Disciples to that place

It’s about the Father
In Jesus and Jesus in the Father

It’s about the Helper
The Holy Spirit
And Jesus will not leave them alone
For He will come to them, and us

Essentially Jesus is doing His best
To describe to the Disciples His Passion
Resulting death, resurrection, ascension
The story that WE are so familiar with
But which they seemed to find difficult
At the time, of its first telling

Jesus KNEW what was about to happen to Him
The Disciples DID NOT
It would have seemed like nonsense to them
But a reality to Jesus

But as Jesus said
Afterwards, they DID believe

When all had taken place
When He had met with them
Ate with them, after His resurrection
And lifted up into Heaven
Before their very eyes

They DID believe

Hopefully you DO believe too…

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