John 14 verse 28

“You have heard Me say to you,
‘I am going away and coming back to you.’
If you loved Me, you would rejoice because I said,
‘I am going to the Father,’
for My Father is greater than I.”
(John 14:28)

Jesus said:
‘I am going to the Father,’
for My Father is greater than I.

How can this be…?
Is it possible that we have got it wrong…?
Is there more than one God…?

If Jesus and the Father are one and the same God
How can the Father be GREATER than Jesus…?

And notice the use of English
Jesus says:
“My Father is greater than I.”

Surely we would expect Him to say:
My Father is greater than Me.

But NO – He refers to Himself as “I”
Why is this..?
I believe it is because Jesus is referring
To Himself as the “I AM that I AM”
God who appeared to Moses
Out of the burning bush

So how then can Jesus
Refer to the Father as being
Greater than Himself
When both He and the Father are one…?

I believe that Jesus says the Father is greater
Since the Father is limitless
And Jesus, as a man, is limited to time and space

While on the earth
Jesus could not be everywhere
Yet God IS

In the same way that Jesus will refer to
The Holy Spirit in John 16
He mentions that it is better
That He leaves so that the Holy Spirit can come

And the Holy Spirit
Will be with everyone
With all Disciples
At the same time

Again, we can only wonder with amazement
At the magnitude of what Jesus gave up
In order to become a man – one of us
Almighty limitless God
Gave up the vastness of His divinity
To become one of us
In order to save us

So YES, the Father IS greater than I

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