Jesus was baptised with the Holy Spirit

“And immediately,
coming up from the water,
He saw the heavens parting
and the Spirit descending
upon Him like a dove.
Then a voice came from heaven,
“You are My beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased.” “
(Mark 1:10 – 11)

You cannot give away
What you don’t have

Jesus was first baptised
By John with WATER

“And immediately,
coming up from the water,”
Baptised by the Holy Spirit

Now I know I need to STOP
And explain things for people…

As some are saying or perhaps
“But Jesus is and was God”
So He already HAD the Holy Spirit
Didn’t He…?

The simple answer is:
“YES, He did”

But what…?

Jesus was without SIN
So Jesus was always connected
To the Father by way of
The Holy Spirit
From birth…

However, Jesus NEVER performed
Any miracles BEFORE His baptism
By John in the Jordan…

Because He could NOT…

As He NEEDED the Holy Spirit
Which is what is happening
Here in Mark 1:10 – 11

THEN…He was tempted by Satan
In the wilderness

And THEN…He started performing

Jesus was God
But operated in the world
As a MAN…

He limited Himself
To be like US…
One of us…

And so because of that
Jesus needed to be baptised
With the Holy Spirit
And power…

The power that comes with
And from the Holy Spirit
Through baptism

Which is the same power
That we receive through
Baptism in the Holy Spirit

So that we then CAN DO what
Jesus and the Disciples did
Because we have the SAME
Holy Spirit – with power
(Ephesians 1:19)

I said at the beginning:
“You cannot give away
What you don’t have”

Jesus HAD the Holy Spirit
From birth
But He received power with
The Holy Spirit at His baptism

Jesus now gives to us this
SAME power when we receive
The baptism of the Holy Spirit

The power is not simply given
For miracles…
But so when we witness and tell
People about Jesus…
We do so WITH His power
Rather than in our OWN strength

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