Jesus knew

A strange title: “Jesus knew”
Of course He knew
He was the Son of God
And so He knew all things

BUT He was also the Son of Man
And so He was human, just like us

“Now Jesus, going up to Jerusalem,
took the twelve disciples aside on the road
and said to them,
“Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem,
and the Son of Man will be betrayed
to the chief priests and to the scribes;
and they will condemn Him to death,
and deliver Him to the Gentiles to mock
and to scourge and to crucify.
And the third day He will rise again.”
(Matthew 20:17 – 19)

Jesus KNEW what lay ahead of Him
And yet He still continued on
To Jerusalem where He would
Meet His excruciating death

This is amazing and I think that we
Do not spend enough time thinking
About what Jesus willingly went through

If we did, we might have a better
Understanding of how much God loves us

YES, we know and He knew that He
Would rise again on the third day
But crucifixion is not an option
That many people would choose
As their means of leaving this life

And so I say: “He knew”

But please note that the Disciples
Also KNEW…
And yet they did not

Jesus took them aside and spoke to them
They heard Him speaking
And they heard His words
But somehow or other
They did not understand

Why is it that we are so hard of hearing?
And yes I did say WE

We are no different from those first Disciples
We need to hear something again and again
Before we “Get It”

Which is why it is so important to read the Bible
Again and again and again

Even go over these Devotionals and re-read them
If you can’t find them on WhatsApp
You will find them on

My Bible (NKJV) gives this section in
Matthew 20 a title: “Jesus a Third Time
Predicts His Death and Resurrection”

This was the THIRD time that He had
Told His Disciples about His death
And how He would die
Which is why I said above
That they did not understand Him

So don’t be tempted to simply “glance over”
Like a “box ticking” exercise
“That’s that one read for today”
Or, “I’ve done my Bible reading for today”

You will not really learn anything about God
By having that kind of attitude
But rather read and meditate on the scriptures
Take time to think about what is written

And if my writings help you to do that
Then praise God and continue to grow in Him
Be encouraged and build yourself up
In your most holy faith

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