It was heard that He was in the house

“And again He entered Capernaum
after some days,
and it was heard
that He was in the house.”
(Mark 2:1)

Which house?

“Now as soon as they had
come out of the synagogue,
they entered the house
of Simon and Andrew”
(Mark 1:29)

What would your reaction be…?
If you heard that Jesus
Was “in the house”?

Now, of course, this is a
NON question…
Since Jesus is no longer here

But how excited do you get
About the things of Jesus?

“Immediately many gathered together,
so that there was no longer
room to receive them,
not even near the door.”
(Mark 2:2)


he went out and began
to proclaim it freely,
and to spread the matter,
so that Jesus could no longer
openly enter the city,
but was outside
in deserted places;
and they came to Him
from every direction.”
(Mark 1:45)

This happened because the leper
Who Jesus had healed
Did exactly the opposite
Of what Jesus had instructed him

And so MANY people RAN to Jesus
Because He was IN the house

WE have all these stories
About Jesus…

About what He did…
What He preached…
The people He healed…

And TODAY, some people
Are doing the SAME things
That Jesus did…

When we HEAR about meetings
Where miracles have happened…

Do we RUN to get there?
Do WE bring the sick to the meeting?
Do we SEEK out the person or persons
That are doing what Jesus did…?

Do we LONG for Jesus…?

Do we even KNOW Him…?

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