Isn’t it funny…

Isn’t it funny (sad) how some people
React to GOOD things!

“But the Pharisees said,
“He casts out demons by
the ruler of the demons.””
(Matthew 9:34)

Jesus had just delivered the man
Who was mute and demon possessed
And as a result of his deliverance
The man could now SPEAK

We can miss the point here
If we limit our understanding to who
The Pharisees literally were

Rather we should think about the
Kind of people they represent

Now let me explain my thinking…

The Pharisees WERE religious Leaders
It was their job to KNOW the scriptures
(In particular the Law)
And teach it to the people
And enforce it

Their problem was they did not have
A full understanding or knowledge
Of the God who gave the Law
In the first place

They did not appreciate God’s heart
Towards His creation
But rather became Keepers
Of the “Letter of the Law”

Jesus countered this view many times
Explaining often that what went on
In a man’s heart was as important as
(If indeed not more important than)
The actual act itself

For Jesus, to think about adultery
Was the same as if you had actually
Committed adultery

This new way that Jesus was bringing
Was alien to the Pharisees
And they felt threatened
So attacked Jesus in what He was doing

They couldn’t celebrate in the obvious
Good things that Jesus was doing
As it undermined them and
Belittled their own self-righteousness

Now think about people today

Think about the reactions you get
Sometimes when you share good news

A new coat, a new dress, a new car
A new house, a new suit, an amount of money…

It could be little things and
Equally it could be large things

But some people will celebrate with you
While others will be offended
And say something against you

When you read about the Pharisees
Don’t simply think of them
As being from the time of Jesus

But think about their attitudes
And behaviour
Think about how you react
Or how others react to you

And choose to celebrate the
Good things in life

Choose to celebrate with others
Rather than being jealous
And thinking about yourself

Be positive
Be Christ-like

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