Is Fasting appropriate for Today?

“As long as they have
the bridegroom with them
they cannot fast.”
(Mark 2:10)

In Mark 2:18 – 22
Jesus is questioned
About Fasting

He goes on to say:
“But the days will come
when the bridegroom
will be taken away from them,
and then they will fast
in those days.”
(Mark 2:20)

It is recorded by Matthew
In chapter 6 that Jesus said:
“Moreover, when you fast”
(Matthew 6:16)

Jesus agreed with fasting
And yet He clearly taught
That His Disciples did not
Need to fast, while He
Was with them

So which is it?
Fasting or no fasting?

I believe that is the
WRONG question

Rather you should ask:
Who should fast?
What is fasting about anyway?

Fasting IS NOT simply
Going without food…

THAT is called a DIET

Fasting is something that
Someone does in order
To seek God…
To draw close to God…

NOW I can hear some of you say:
“Is it not right for us to
Draw close to God and seek Him?”

Well…that depends on how
You view God…?
Which is why I wrote the last
Devotional on:
“Who is God and where is He?”

In the Old Testament times
And indeed at the time of
The Gospels, it was right for
People to fast and seek God

The reason being…
That God was distant…
Set apart from the people
His people

But God was now WITH
His people as Jesus
And so no fasting was required
Other than to simply be with Him

During the time that Jesus
Was arrested, crucified and
Until His resurrection…
The Disciples could and should

That is what I believe
Jesus meant by verse 20 (above)

Then after the resurrection
They no longer needed to fast
As Jesus was again with them

So what about us?

Hopefully you will have realised
Where I am going with this…

We, as born again believers
HAVE Jesus with us always

Our bodies are temples
Of the Holy Spirit
Wherein He dwells

So why would we FAST?

Maybe if you are not yet saved…
You should fast…
And definitely seek God

And when you have found Him
You will no longer need to FAST

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