Iron sharpens iron

As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens
the countenance of his friend.”
(Proverbs 27:17)

I awoke, this morning
With the phrase
“Iron sharpens iron”
I had to look it up
To see if it was from the Bible or not

In life, people do not always
Gravitate to those who will challenge them
Rather, quite often, the easy path is chosen

Most people do not like contention
And will avoid confrontation
At all times

Yet as I write this
I believe that God is saying something
To me and through me

The words I have used
Are associated with “harshness”
And people naturally want to
Shy away from them

But when they are understood
In the Spirit
They contain a truth
Which comes from Proverbs 27

Words like:
Contention and Confrontation
Can be “Iron sharpening iron”

If you look up a dictionary
Or a thesaurus the words
Point to “battle” and “fighting”
Negative connotations

And yet “iron” is not a flower
Sweet smelling
And beautiful to look at

When our heart and intentions
Are godly
And we want to know more
About Him

We can struggle with each other
Tossing and sharing ideas
Different opinions
And points of view

And this is a godly
Iron sharpening Iron

We are made in Love
Built up in His Love
Protected in Love

Yet need to be strong
To face the world
Even though that too
Is IN Love

We are people who
Are being sharpened
As iron sharpens iron

Sometimes it may seem hard
Or even hurtful
But IRON is not a FLOWER
And our intentions
Are flower-like
But may appear, at times

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