Immediately the Spirit drove Him…

“Immediately the Spirit drove
Him into the wilderness”
(Mark 1:12)

I have to admit it…
I laughed as soon as
I read this verse

It’s as if I was back
In my childhood…
And I was also thinking
Of children today…

Was it a Mercedes…
Or maybe a Lamborghini…
Or perhaps just a Ford…?

What did the Spirit USE
To “drive” Jesus into the
Wilderness with…?

Now before we get all
“Super Holy”…
Maybe we need to stop
And think about HOW
Children understand the
Bible when it is read…?

Many of us have a difficult
Enough time trying to
Understand it

But then again, perhaps in
The midst of the humour
We can learn something…

So let us consider this word

It does NOT refer to cars or
Vehicles of any kind

Rather it means that the
Spirit compelled Jesus to go
He was MADE to go

There was an urgency in this
And Jesus didn’t appear to
Have a choice

Now we know that isn’t true
Because everyone has a choice
Free will…

But since Jesus was obedient
He went as instructed…

So why did this happen?
And why was it so important
And so urgent?

Jesus was the Son of God
He had been filled with the
Holy Spirit for about 30 years
From birth but without power
As He had not yet been baptised

And so Satan had paid Jesus
No attention as He was no
Threat to Satan

But NOW He has just been baptised
And has received power with
A fresh infilling from the
Holy Spirit…

And so NOW Jesus is a real threat
To Satan…

Lucifer (who became Satan)
Had met with Adam and Eve
In the Garden

Though they were perfect
They fell to his challenge
And temptation

Jesus now must face the
Same situations as the
Second Adam in order
To be able to defeat

Jesus too was perfect
But this time things changed
And Jesus was and is victorious

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