I had a dream

I know some people who 
Dream vivid dreams

Now most dream at some time
In our lives...
But there are those 
Who dream vividly

They not only can remember
Their dreams
But can actually "plan"
To revisit their dreams

I don't think that 
I am one of those

However, there was a night
When I went to bed
WANTING to dream

It started as a "thought"
Which I agreed with
And spoke it out:
"I want to dream tonight"

And when I went to bed
I spoke to God
And told Him that
I wanted to dream that night...


The next morning
As soon as I woke up
(Which in and of itself 
Was a bit of a shock
As I was still in 
The dream)

I wrote down what I had
Been dreaming...

I dreamt about a BOAT
A BIG boat
Could have been a yacht
But I didn't actually 
SEE the size of the boat

It could have been on Lough Erne
But not like anything 
We are used to seeing
On Lough Erne

In that sense it was HUGE

It was a pleasure boat 
NOT commercial

I knew it was big because I was on it
Working on filling the swimming pool
That was on the boat!

Simply using pipes and equipment
Working out how to 
Draw the water into the swimming pool
In a simple and efficient way

I remember creating a list for the owner
Can't remember who that was
But I could come and go 
To and from the boat
Access was never denied
Yet I don't believe that I owned the boat
I just had access to it
And could bring whoever I wanted 
To the boat

I went away from the boat
And then came back again

And as I did
I came past the "List" that I had made

My "List" had been small
A few names of people
And a few "things" 
That were needed for the boat

AND the "List" had GROWN

It was huge
Far bigger than the one that I had left
It had been "fleshed" out
Added to

It was exciting
Looking at the growth of the "List"
As to what had been added
The thought process

I was marvelling, in a good way
As to what was added
That I hadn't even thought of

And then I woke up...

A good account of my dream
And then the Lord has been 
Speaking to me about:
"Write in a book (2022)"

Share what He shows me
Share what I dream
Share what He speaks to me

And this idea...
This challenge...
Is NOT just for me

As Christians
We ARE His sheep

As His sheep
We HEAR His voice
John chapter 10

That IS the TRUTH

And write in a book

That book may be a literal one
"Pen and paper"

Mine is electronic
A laptop
And onto WhatsApp
And my website

And WRITE...

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