I do not know you

“I do not know you”
Harsh words to the hearer
At the best of times

Perhaps when visiting
An elderly relative
Who looks at you blankly
And says those words…
“I do not know you”

Or meeting someone
Who you haven’t seen for
A long time and you
Remember them clearly
But they say to you:
“I do not know you”

We can feel hurt
And / or offended
Since the memory is vivid
And “alive” for us
But sadly, not for the speaker

“Afterward the other virgins
came also, saying,
‘Lord, Lord, open to us!’
But he answered and said,
‘Assuredly, I say to you,
I do not know you.’”
(Matthew 25:11 – 12)

How much more painful
Would it be if Jesus were
To say those words to us…?

Matthew 25:1 – 13 tells us the
Story of the wise and foolish
Virgins who go to a wedding
To meet with the bridegroom

Jesus introduces the story
In this way:
“the kingdom of heaven shall
be likened to ten virgins”
(Matthew 25:1)

The story is about the
Kingdom of heaven…
And ends with these words:

“Watch therefore, for you know
neither the day nor the hour
in which the Son of Man is coming.”
(Matthew 25:13)

Not only about the kingdom
Of heaven
But also about when Jesus
Is coming back again…

How terrible it would be
To miss out on His return
By not being ready…

And hearing the words
From our Lord:
“I do not know you”

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