I am willing

“Now a leper came to Him,
imploring Him,
kneeling down to Him
and saying to Him,
“If You are willing,
You can make me clean.”
Then Jesus,
moved with compassion,
stretched out His hand
and touched him,
and said to him,
“I am willing;
be cleansed.”
As soon as He had spoken,
immediately the leprosy
left him,
and he was cleansed.”
(Mark 1:40 – 42)

I just love the ORDER
Of events here in Mark 1

You may need to read these
Verses a couple of times
Before you SEE it…

Jesus was approached
By a leper…

Who had a request…
To be made CLEAN…

As a side note
NONE of us can make
Ourselves CLEAN…

We ALL need to come to Jesus
In order to be made CLEAN

We cannot save ourselves
By our own goodness
Nor by our own works

There is ONLY one who
Is able to SAVE…
Who is able to make us
Clean and whole
And His name is JESUS

This leper KNEW that he
Needed Jesus
And so came to Jesus
Humbling himself
By kneeling before Jesus

In response, Jesus was
Moved with compassion
The leper

In Judaism
That meant becoming
UNCLEAN just like
The leper

And yet Jesus showed
Compassion and love
For the man by
Touching him

That simple act alone
Showed acceptance
And love

THEN Jesus spoke…

Jesus touched him first
Then He spoke:
“I am willing;
be cleansed.”
(Mark 1:41)

How many people
Are we waiting for
To be “clean” enough
For us to get close
Enough to, to touch?

And that could be
Simply to talk to…

Do we judge people
As NOT being worthy…?

Or do we see people
Through His eyes
And act out of

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