How full is your glass?

There is an idea or a concept
That you may be familiar with…

When you see a glass
Which has water in it
Around the half way mark

Do you say that the glass…
Is half FULL…? or,
Half EMPTY…?

Now, of course, some may say
That this is a silly idea
But how you respond
Says a lot about what you believe

Something as silly as water in a glass
Can reveal a lot about you
And as refreshing as the water may be, to drink
The revelation of what I am about to share
May be equally or even more refreshing

Our view of life…
Of what is going on around us…
Of the circumstances that affect us, on a daily basis
Are viewed through the eyes of our belief system

Now what I mean by that
Is that we “filter” everything we observe

Everybody, with all their senses in working order
See, hear, smell, taste and touch the same things
Yet their reactions to these same things are
And can be so, so different

Because the “filter” that we use
Has to do with what we believe

If we have a sense of “lack”
We will perceive everything in a negative light
Or if you like, the glass IS half EMPTY

However, if we perceive ONLY the good
We are usually positive people
And the glass is definitely half FULL

When we KNOW God
And trust in Him through Jesus
Our Lord and Saviour
He changes us, from the inside out

We then will see the glass half full
Our outlook will be positive
How can it not be…?
If God is for us who can be against us?
Greater is He who is in me
Than He who is in the world

The change may not be immediate
Unless, of course, we were already positive people
And more probably will take time
But with the love of God within us
It is impossible to remain as a negative person

As we grow in focusing our lives on Him
And remaining in fellowship with Him
We will perceive things as He does
And He only works for our GOOD
“And we know that all things work together
for good to those who love God, to those
who are the called according to His purpose.”
(Romans 8:28)

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