How easy it is to be distracted…

“For you have the poor with you always,
but Me you do not have always”
(Matthew 26:11)

This took place during Holy Week
The Disciples had been with Jesus
For almost three and a half years

Watching and listening to all that He did
And ministering with Him
Doing the same things that He did

And yet they were offended by
This generous act:
“But when His disciples saw it,
they were indignant, saying,
“Why this waste?””
(Matthew 26:8)

Jesus stilled loved them
He didn’t reject them
Even though He corrected
And rebuked them

They HAD Jesus with them
The Son of God in their presence
And they knew that circumstances
Were getting intense

They saw how the Pharisees met with
And reacted to Jesus
The Disciples knew that the Jewish Leaders
Were anything but happy with Jesus

Even though they would have been at peace
Being around Jesus
They must have been aware of the tension
That would have been obvious in
Most other people around them

And they took their eyes off of Jesus
And saw a woman pour this expensive oil
Over His head…

We should not be dismissive of them
For so often we do exactly the same thing…

We get distracted
We get “off course”
We allow ourselves to look at
And do “other things”
And not always godly things…

And at those times you need to remind yourself
That He STILL loves you…
In fact, He will always love you

For there is nothing that you can do
That will make Him love you less

Equally as well, there is nothing you can do
That will make Him love you more

For when He looks at you
He sees “the righteousness of God
In Christ Jesus our Lord”

He sees you RIGHTEOUS
He doesn’t see your sin
Since Jesus died and paid for it
2,000 years ago

Remember that on Calvary’s tree
Jesus TOOK your sin

You ARE forgiven
You were a sinner
You’ve been saved by Grace
And now you are RIGHTEOUS

Regardless of what you do
God sees you this way
Because you are IN Christ
And Christ is IN you

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