How do you see things?

Or maybe I should say:
How do you perceive things?

Jesus IS the Way, the Truth and the Life
But the way that we see that may be different
Because God has made us unique

There are no two people that
Are identical
And that includes identical twins
As there are slight differences
Between even them

In Matthew 21 we have the story
Of Jesus cursing the Fig Tree

And one of my favourite Bible passages
Comes in Mark 11 when this same story
Is told by Mark

But if you compare the two passages
You would be tempted to say that
They are two different incidents

You could (wrongly) conclude
That Jesus had an aversion
To Fig Trees since He cursed them
For not bearing fruit

But I believe that this story
Of the Fig Tree not bearing fruit
ONLY happened ONCE

“Now in the morning,
as He returned to the city,
He was hungry.
And seeing a fig tree by the road,
He came to it and found nothing on it but leaves,
and said to it,
“Let no fruit grow on you ever again.”
Immediately the fig tree withered away.”
(Matthew 21:18 – 19)

“And when the disciples saw it,
they marveled, saying,
“How did the fig tree wither away so soon?”
(Matthew 21:20)

Now in Mark’s account there was
A time delay between Jesus speaking
To the tree and the Disciples seeing
The result of it withering away

So which account is correct?

Both of them…

But how can I say that…
You may ask…

Remember I started by saying
That we are unique and the way
That we see or perceive things
Will always be different

This really should not be that hard
To understand as we remember
What we observe from the position
We are standing in

Also people see different things…
Some may remember sounds or smells
Others are good at details…
Many people forget the order of events
But get the gist of the story…

And so I could go on and on
With different examples
Of how WE think and work
Things out…

So my point is…
Learn to listen to your heart
And go with how and where
God is leading YOU

Jesus DID curse a Fig Tree
And as a result of Him speaking
It withered and died
Because it did not bear fruit
When it should have HAD fruit

Our words are powerful
And we need to be mindful of this
When we speak…

Sadly, too often, we say things
In a hurry or when in a temper
And then wonder why things don’t
Work out that well for us…

Perhaps I have just given you
An answer as to why that may be

Remember, in the beginning
And the world came into being…

Jesus said:
“Lazarus come forth”
(John 11:43)

Use your words wisely…

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