How do you picture things?

Picture things…?

What do you mean?

How do you see things…?
How do you dream…?
How do you use your imagination…?

As I was lying in bed, this morning
I started to think about this…

I pictured myself…
I saw myself…
I imagined myself…
At the church, in Lisnaskea

Holy Trinity Church, Lisnaskea
The Church of Ireland, church
To be exact…

And as you leave the church
Through the main gates
(Assuming you are in a car)
You must drive straight ahead

You cannot turn right
As that is a one-way street
And so not an option

As you drive straight ahead
You come to a Y – junction
Turn right which leads
Into Main Street
Or turn left towards Derrylin

If you do turn left towards Derrylin
You have the option
To almost immediately turn right
Which also leads to the Main Street
At a small roundabout

If you are now at this roundabout
You have three options
One – turn right, up the Main Street
Back in the direction of the church
Two – turn left and down the Main Street
Towards the end of the town or
Three – perform a U – turn and head back
Towards Derrylin

As I choose option Two
I head past the Christian Bookshop
Which is on my left
Then a side-road on my right
Which leads up a hill to the
Doctors’ surgery
And on for about half a mile to
Another roundabout

Here I have another three options
One – turn left towards Maguiresbridge
Two – turn right towards Brookeborough
Or three – make a U-turn and head
Back up the Main Street

Has been on a journey with me
Even if you do NOT live in Lisnaskea

Some may even have
Turned to Google Maps
Just to CHECK my description…

But for those who have
Followed with me
On my journey…
You HAVE been able to SEE
Where I have GONE…

And yet as I said earlier…
“As I was lying in bed, this morning”

All of the above
Took place in my mind…
In my imagination…

“Then He taught them many things
by parables, and said to them
in His teaching:”
(Mark 4:2)

Jesus spoke and taught
By parables…
And a “parable” is a story
A picture which involves
You using your imagination

We ALL do this and use this

You may think that you don’t
We ALL do…

Some people may want to
Dismiss this as being “childish”
But THIS is how we ALL think

So as you listen to Jesus
Or as you READ His parables
ALLOW your imagination
To “take you there”…

See YOURSELF in the story
Jesus is telling…
And PICTURE yourself there

And LET the Bible SPEAK
To you…

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