How do we pray?

“Now in the morning,
having risen a long while
before daylight,
He went out and departed
to a solitary place;
and there He prayed.”
(Mark 1:35)

Jesus said “Come, follow Me”

Jesus was the 2nd Adam
A perfect, sinless Man

And yet He spent TIME
Talking to His Father
Which is what prayer is…

This is His example
Of prayer for all who
Follow Him…

But as Jesus was and is
He was always ONE with
The Father…

As were Adam and Eve
Before the Fall…

And as we are NOW
In our spirit
Those who are Born Again
Of Jesus…

Which is why Jesus
Directs us to refer to God
As “Our Father”

But HOW do we pray?
For we do not know
Perfectly HOW to pray

Are we expected to:
Rise “a long while
before daylight”
(Mark 1:35)
Since Jesus did?

Jesus has always been
ONE with the Father
Whereas we ALL have
Some experience of NOT
Being with the Father…

Unfortunately that clouds
Our vision and perception
Of how prayer works

And sadly, so often, are more
Guided by how we used to live
Than how we are supposed
To be living NOW in Christ…

Thankfully there are answers
Given to us in the Bible:
“the Spirit also helps in
our weaknesses.
For we do not know
what we should pray for
as we ought,
but the Spirit Himself
makes intercession
for us with groanings
which cannot be uttered.”
(Romans 8:26)

We can pray along with the Spirit
When we pray in the Spirit
Which is the same as
Praying in Tongues
A gift of the Holy Spirit

When we pray in tongues
Pray in the Holy Spirit
“For we do not know
what we should pray for
as we ought”
(Romans 8:26)
We still do not know what
We are praying
Unless we have interpretation
But the Spirit knows…

“And when you pray,
you shall not be like
the hypocrites.
For they love to pray…that
they may be seen by men.”
(Matthew 6:5)

Not all prayer is good
Or perhaps, not everything
That people think IS prayer
Is necessarily GOOD…

“when you pray,
do not use vain repetitions
as the heathen do.
For they think that they
will be heard for their
many words.”
(Matthew 6:7)

Sometimes SHORT prayers
Are actually MORE powerful
Jesus said:
“Peace, be still!”
(Mark 4:39)
“And the wind ceased
and there was a great calm.”
(Mark 4:39)

However you pray
And whatever means you use
To pray…
It would be wise to plan
Your praying according
To what the Bible
Teaches us…

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