How did Jesus know?

Now before I start mentioning
Any passage some people are
Already saying:
“He knew because He is God”

If that is so, then we are in trouble
Because we are NOT God!

We KNOW that Jesus is God
But when He lived on the earth
He lived like us, as a Man

He set aside His divinity
And became a Man

So since that is the case:
“How did Jesus know?”

“Go into the village opposite you,
and immediately you will find a donkey tied,
and a colt with her.
Loose them and bring them to Me.
And if anyone says anything to you,
you shall say,
‘The Lord has need of them,’
and immediately he will send them.”
(Matthew 21:2 – 3)

Again, we all know that Jesus spoke to His
Father in prayer

So I believe that while He prayed WITH
His Father, the Father TOLD Him what
Was going to happen

All that Jesus was saying to the Disciples
Was what He had already seen and heard
From the Father in prayer

And God wants to speak to us
In exactly the same way

The Holy Spirit can warn you of things to come
And we need to be listening and hearing
What God wants to say to us

I know about a man who flew to Scotland
From America on 10th September
He was supposed to leave on the 11th
But “felt” God told him to go earlier

I know of another man who was the main
Speaker at a Conference
But cancelled at the last minute
Because God told him not to go

He would have lost his life if he had gone
He did, however, lose face and friends
Who didn’t understand his reasons
For not going…

God IS speaking to YOU…
Will you do what He tells you?
Whether it makes sense or not?
And you may never know what you missed
By changing your plans and being obedient

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey
To fulfil scripture
He instructed His Disciples to go and get
The donkey because His Father had told Him
Where it was, in prayer…

Will you talk to Our Father (in prayer)
And do what He tells you to do?

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