His Word is still TRUE

His Word is still True
His Love never leaves us
His Presence will be with us forever

A quote from:
“Fearless in the Forest”

And yet that quote
Could be from anywhere
Or indeed from anybody

In many ways our world has changed
And is changing almost daily
The world influenced by COVID-19

At the same time
The world that we look at
Does change daily

It all depends on your perspective
And what you focus on
On what takes up your time
And fills your mind
Effecting your emotions


People may say to you or to me:
“You can’t avoid what is going on around us?”

And again, my answer would be…
That depends on where your focus is…

Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today and forever
His attitude towards us never changes
He still LOVES us

We KNOW this
Because we can read it in the Bible
And the Bible, the Word of God,
Is TRUE – always!

The Bible also tells us
That He will NEVER leave us
Nor forsake us
(Deuteronomy 31:6)

So YES things may change
But we rely on a God
Who is faithful and constant

So whatever may be going on around you
Set your eyes and your heart on Him
Let the peace of God dwell in your heart

Do not be ruled by what you can see
Rather have faith in the God who is within
Believe Him

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