Hear another parable

“Hear another parable:
There was a certain landowner…”
(Matthew 21:33 – 46)

Human logic does not fit well
In the kingdom of God…

In this story…
In this parable…
We would most likely give
A similar answer as the
Chief priests and Pharisees did

But Jesus not only prescribes mercy
He also says that this whole incident
Was the Lord’s doing…

So often, we think that vengeance,
Judgement, retribution and justice
Is what is called for…

But God grants mercy…
For our many wrong doings
And shows Grace…
Which makes “no sense”
To us at all

God shows love, for He is love
God forgives when we don’t deserve it
For that is an expression of His love

Doing things “our” way
So often, brings turmoil
Anxiety, restlessness and pain

Doing things God’s Way
Brings peace and rest

In order to change
And enjoy peace and rest
We need to be full of love…
Full of Him, who is love

Only in this Way can we ever hope
To see things differently…
No longer through “our” eyes
With our corrupt and earthly standards

But through “His” eyes
Of love, acceptance and peace
For that is where we will find REST

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