He leads me…

“He leads me
beside the still waters.”
(Psalm 23:2)

“He leads me in the
paths of righteousness”
(Psalm 23:3)

The Lord…
My Shepherd…

Follow their…

“He who enters by the door
is the shepherd of the sheep”
(John 10:2)

“and the sheep hear his voice;
and he calls his own sheep
by name and leads them out”
(John 10:3)

“when he brings out
His own sheep,
He goes before them;
and the sheep follow Him,
for they know His voice.”
(John 10:4)

Who are you following?

Whose voice are you listening to?

Are you listening to the “voice”
Of the News?

Are you listening to
Every “opinion”…?

Or are you listening
To the voice of your Shepherd?

There is a lot of “noise” out there
Which, so often, changes
Almost like the wind…

But the Word of God is TRUE
Constant and never changes
Jesus is the same, yesterday,
Today and forever
(Hebrews 13:8)

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