He (Jesus) is not here

“He is not here;
for He is risen,
as He said”
(Matthew 28:6)

They came looking for a body…
A body to mourn…
To ensure His body
Had been adequately
Prepared at burial
As there had been such a rush
Around the Passover…

But the angel put them straight
Reminding them of what
Jesus had said…

For He had risen from the dead
On the third day…

And, in a way, don’t take
My word for it:
see the place where the Lord lay.”
(Matthew 28:6)

Now that I (the angel) have told you
Go and tell the Disciples
“He is going before you into Galilee;
there you will see Him.
Behold, I have told you.”
(Matthew 28:7)

What a sight that must have been
To arrive at the tomb and
Find the entrance open…
No sign of the guards…
The stone rolled away…

And then if that were not enough
Of a surprise…
An angel appears and speaks to you

And just in case you are scared
Out of your wits…
At the instruction of the angel
You go into the tomb
To see it EMPTY

Try and understand the scene…
Don’t just nod your head and say:
“Yeah, yeah we know the story”

Think about what happened
On that first Easter morning…

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