He appointed twelve

“Then He appointed twelve,
that they might be with Him
and that He might send them
out to preach,
and to have power
to heal sicknesses
and to cast out demons:”
(Mark 3:14 – 15)

“And He went up on the mountain
and called to Him
those He Himself wanted.
And they came to Him.
Then He appointed twelve”
(Mark3:13 – 14a)

There were many people
Who were following Jesus

Some were followers
And some were of the multitude
Also many were disciples

But “out of all these”
He CHOSE twelve

The Twelve Disciples
(Who became the Apostles)
(Except Judas Iscariot)

Even though Judas betrayed Jesus
And killed himself, after the betrayal
He too was entrusted with the same
Tasks and Gifts that Jesus gave
To ALL the Twelve

To preach…
To have supernatural power…
Power to heal sicknesses…
Power to cast out demons…

These twelve Disciples
Stayed with Jesus
For His entire ministry

Even when others fell away later
Unable to comprehend His teaching
The Twelve Disciples remained faithful
To Jesus…until…
The Betrayal in Gethsemane

They ALL preached the kingdom of God
Laid their hands on sick people
And witnessed their healing
And cast demons out of people
By the power of God given
To them by Jesus

These Twelve Disciples
Along with Jesus
Are examples for us to copy and follow

What they did…
We can do…
By and with the same power
That Jesus gave His first Disciples

At the end of His ministry on earth
Jesus gave this instruction
To His remaining Eleven Disciples:
“Go therefore and make
disciples of all the nations”
(Matthew 28:19)

Those disciples…
Are you and I
People who trust and believe in Jesus
As our own personal Saviour
Who we follow as Lord of our lives

We too have the power
That Jesus gave those first Twelve
By faith in His Name
And through the baptism of
The Holy Spirit

To preach
To heal sicknesses
To cast out demons

But DO NOT forget Judas Iscariot

Stay close to Jesus…
Fellowship with Him daily…
Keep your relationship with Him

Then you will be less likely
To slip and fall like Judas

Stay humble
Close and dependent on Jesus
Your ROCK and firm foundation

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